About Us

German Power's business is the development and manufacturing of electronic components and devices for power supplies. Our main products are off-line power units (rectifiers), DC/DC converters, DC/AC converters as well as all types of control and monitoring units.


We also provide consulting, development and manufacturing of prototypes and mass production series. With our lean organization and fast-track decision making, we can react quickly and flexibly to customer demands. Just point to the job, we'll find the solution and accompany you along the way from conception to production. Whether you are in the market for single components or complete solutions, we are the one-stop source. From schematics to printed circuit board layouts, from modules to housing. You are not burdened with procuring parts or the required EMC tests and safety certifications. And if you have special requests you'll appreciate our open mind and readiness to find solutions far from the well-beaten path.



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e-mail: info@german-power.com